04 December 2006

Life Is Fairy Tale

Now, now. It's been a while since my last post. Unfortunately, this one is not about movie. I want to share a story which I believe is have the most resemblance with a fairy tale. Once upon a place, there are two people. They are a good friend since they share the same school. Hanging around together, and so on. One day, something changed. The boy expressed his love. But, unfortunately, she reject him. I guess it was his final attempt, because a few days later, he already has someone to call his own sweetheart.

Like the fairy tale in children book, this story has it's own antagonist. He became villain character because of several character attack he did to the main character and his friend. The whole thing in this story in my opinion is a beautiful story, a true romance. And like the good fairy tale, the writer (God) won't let the reader to get a single clue about the ending of this story. And I have no idea what will happen next.

One thing for sure, their story is my favorite now. And their syndication is being my top priority in my rss reader.
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